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28 Aug


Be Careful Little Eyes


We all know that children are impressionable and lack the wisdom to make educated choices in certain aspects of life.  For example, most of us know that if we drink and party, our kids watch and learn.  And as a teenager when presented with a similar situation, their behavior will emulate or even exaggerate what they saw us doing for the years before that very moment.   And we know that they are not old and wise enough to handle these situations intelligently in most cases- heck, neither are most of us and we’re adults!

The truth is that this applies even to our eating and fitness lifestyles.  Our children watch us eating and exercising and they are having one of two likely reactions to it:

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03 Aug


My Top 5 Bodybuilding Youtube Channels


It seems there are new channels popping up every day from bodybuilding experts and so called ones alike.  They range from broscience to PhD in scientific principles, and from skinny hardgainer types to those clearly juicing with steroids.  This range and variety makes it hard to find a clear and reliable source for information.  That said, it also makes for some good entertainment value!!  This is especially true if you use your own critical thinking skills and knowledge of nutrition, hypertrophy, and weightlifting and apply these skills as a filter to what you watch.  It also helps to have an open mind- every successful bodybuilder thinks that his/her road to success is the only one to take.  So in one sense, hearing from many sources forces you to discern and also to consider whether the dogma you believe is truly serving your goals.

Here are my top 5 favorite channels:

#5:  Biolayne

Biolayne is the channel for popular natural bodybuilder Layne Norton.  Dr Layne is a PhD in nutritional sciences, and a champion natural pro bodybuilder.  So he has the brains and brawn x-factor that few others can offer!   Dr Layne is the person who popularized the PHAT training protocol (Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training) which is a system of periodizing that runs concurrently so that you are always having the benefit of various loads and rep ranges, without detraining from the ones you are not doing.   He’s also a rare breed in that he promotes doing more work to create gains, instead of the current push towards shorter workouts to avoid catabolism.

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